Connections: Group the Words

Connections is a daily game where you have to find common connections between words. According to the rules of the game, you need to collect 4 groups of four words that have a common connection, and not make more than 4 mistakes.

How to play Connections game?

  1. Read the Words

    To start the game, carefully read all 16 words of the puzzle. Take your time and try to understand the meaning of each word and how it might relate to the Connections puzzle. If there are any words you don't understand, don't hesitate to Google them. Read the Words
  2. Look for a Common Thing

    Next, try to find a common theme that connects these words. Ask yourself questions at this stage, such as: Do the words belong to the same group? Do they have any similarities? Are they connected by a specific theme or idea? Look for any connections or similarities between words to add them to the same group. Look for a Common Thing
  3. Submit Your Answers

    Once you have determined the relationship between 4 words and selected these four tiles, click the Submit button to check whether you are correct or not. Once you collect all 4 word groups, you win the game! Submit Your Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Connections game?

    Connections is a daily puzzle where players solve connections between words. The main goal of the game is to collect words with similar meanings into four groups of four words and try not to make more than four mistakes.

  2. What are the rules of the Connections game?

    Here are the basic rules of the game:
    ● You need to arrange a set of 16 words into 4 groups of 4 words
    ● Look for common connections between words to group them correctly.
    ● You can make a maximum of 4 mistakes in one game.

  3. How many mistakes are players allowed in Connections?

    You have a margin of up to four errors in each game. So be careful before submitting your guesses.

  4. Can I play Connections unlimited?

    Yes, if you need more practice, then you can play, start a new game by clicking the "New Game" button, and you can also use the archive of games for previous days.

About the Connections Game

The Connections game is a fun daily puzzle game where you find connections between sets of words. To win, you need to organize 16 words into four separate groups, each with a specific connection or theme. You only have four errors per session, so you need to be careful before submitting. The Connections game improve memory, mental clarity and slow down the aging of brain cells.

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